Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Off-Season...

So it's come to this... Blogging. Oh well, things could have ended worse.

Self pity aside, welcome to my first blog post. As some of you may or may not know, my name is Zack and 2010 was my first year working as a freelancer in the crazy, mixed up world that is television and film production. I had some opportunities to do some really fun stuff, and I also had some not-so-fun stuff happen as well, but overall it was a good year. In this industry you always get to hear the big shots tell their stories of how they started out and how they earned their place in the industry. Well, I'm gonna try to let you experience my story with me. In the future I hope to blog about every gig I work. I may also talk about equipment I buy or get to work with, the people I work with (good and bad), and all the crazy adventures along the way.

Currently I am working a seasonal (non industry) job to pay the bills and finish out the year. Hey! I said it was a GOOD year, not a GREAT year. So things will start off slow, but I already have jobs booked for next year and they are spread out across the calendar, so there should be plenty of stuff to talk about... 

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