Friday, January 21, 2011

Strap in...

For the last couple months I've been trying to catch up with the current DIY camera accessory community. I've mostly been looking for shoulder mounts, steadycams, and sliders, but I've also been picking up other small tips along the way. One such tip I got from the Cheesycam website. Here is the original video they posted:

DIY Quick Camera Strap from emmagination on Vimeo.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Play time...

I'm starting to learn a lot about these tricky little DSLRs. They lure you in with their full HD and their great depth of field, then punch you in the face in post.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Feeling things out...

Well, after spending all of Saturday putting in a new hot water tank and Sunday doing other chores, I didn't have much time to get out and test my T2i. However, I did sneak outside for a few minutes to capture some video. I'm starting to get more and more used to shooting with my Canon, but I'm still not at any kind of a comfort level yet. My biggest complaint about Canon's control setup is their use of only one wheel to control exposure settings and having to holding down buttons while using that wheel to change different aspects of the exposure. Nikon typically has two wheels, one for shutter and one for iris, so I find myself fumbling around trying to remember which button I need to be holding to get what I want. Once I got my settings the way I wanted, things actually started to go a bit smoother. The T2i automatically goes to live view when you switch over to video and recording is only a button press away from that.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mission Accomplished!

Well, today is the day. After what has to have been the longest drive to Louisburg that I have ever taken, I finally got my Canon Rebel T2i. I still have a few accessories to order, but the hardest part is over. I found a great deal and I'm pumped to get out and start taking some shots with it soon. If I can get my wife to let me out of indentured servitude for a few hours, I will try and get some test shots posted later this weekend.

Just handling it for a few minutes, I can already tell there is a lot that I need to acclimate myself to. Even though I've used a DSLR for years, I am switching brands and controls. Not only that, but I am used to shooting video on HDV cams, so making this switch is going to be fun... and by fun I mean interesting... and by interesting....... I think you get my drift.

However, for every beginning there is an end, and I would be remiss if I did not devote a portion of this post to my previous camera. She has been faithful to me over the years and I know that hasn't always been easy. My Nikon D70 was there for a minor in photography, pictures of both the kids over the years, and a hundred side projects along the way. It was my first and only DSLR until today and I will miss it dearly. Don't think that it's picture taking days are over, though. It will be moving into the trusted care of a family member that is interested in learning photography and I hope that it will serve him as well as it has me. as of today, however, our journey ends. Thanks old girl, I'll never forget you.


Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Camera Hunt Begins...

HA! I bet you thought my blog was dead already didn't you? Well, I told you I would be back at the first of the year, so thanks for the lack of faith.