Monday, July 11, 2011

Richard and Judy's 50th Anniversary...

Awhile back I mentioned that Howard Photography was booked for it's first official portrait session. Now that the finished disks are in the mail, I figured I would share the results. Richard, Judy, and the entire family were great clients. They had ideas of what they wanted but were still open to my ideas and they were very patient considering how hot the weather was. It still amazes me that the entire session took less than 2 hours to complete, but like I said, this family was really helpful and organized.

Here are their photos:

...And their slideshow:

I was especially pleased with the results since I was using my new Yongnuo 467 Speedlite for the first time. I purchased it a couple of days before the shoot, but because of a shipping error, I didn't get it until the afternoon before the session. But I'll talk more about that later... Enjoy!

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